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Wall mount included: A value!
Wall-Mount included:
A value!

Direct Print:
Matte Print On Forex:
White Foamboard:
Printed With UV-Curable Inks:
Ready To Hang:
Afforable and modern look
Brilliant colors and crisp details
3 mm thick
Suitable for sheltered outdoor areas and bathrooms
Arrives with attached hooks or aluminum rails
Exact Custom
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Color Management
with ICC Profiles
Brilliant Color

Direct Print On Forex For A Matte, Glare-Free Surface

Direct photo print on Forex online

A Direct Print On Forex offers a state-of-the-art, six-color print at an affordable price. High picture quality on an extremely robust and lightweight substrate.

  • Printed and non-printed areas are matte and glare-free

Ultra-Modern Direct Print On Forex: Powerful Colors For Your Photograph

Direct photo print on Forex create

Our Direct Print On Forex uses a six-color print with UV-curable inks for full resolution and great detail. We use the latest technology to print your photo directly onto the white, extremely lightweight material.

  • High saturation, even for large areas of a single color
  • Dependable coverage through multilayered printing
  • Finesse – a great range of hues for the minutest detail
  • Matte Surface [1]

Forex: Stability And Low Weight For Your Direct Print

The Direct Print On Forex is a straightforward starter product. Forex is a high-quality PVC foam core that comes in white. Direct Prints On Forex are perfect for short-term use at events and exhibitions, and they are robust and very lightweight.

  • [1] 3 mm thick: robust and lightweight
  • [2] PVC foam core: opaque with a white edge
Direct photo print on Forex offer

Water Resistant And Durable: The Direct Print On Forex

Direct photo print on Forex order

Water resistant Direct Prints On Forex can withstand changes in the weather,

meaning they are even suitable for sheltered outdoor areas and bathrooms.

Made To Measure: Your Custom-Format Direct Print On Forex

Direct photo print on Forex Custom-Format

We create your print in the exact dimensions you choose. We offer standard formats in sizes from small to extra-large and optional rounded corners. Alternatively, you can choose a special format like panorama, circular or square.

You can even set your own custom aspect ratio!

  • Minimum size: 3.5"x3.5" (9 x 9 cm)
  • Maximum size: 75"x57" (190 x 145 cm)

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Frames For Your Direct Print On Forex: The Choice Is Yours

Direct photo print on Forex with frame

Our Direct Print On Forex arrives ready to hang as a standard. You can also have your picture framed if you like, providing a visual border and even more stability. Picture hanging hardware is integrated into the frame, meaning you can hang your picture right away – in either landscape or portrait orientation.

  • Available frames: Solid wood ArtBox or the Basel floater frame
  • Material: Solid wood with real wood veneer
  • Made by hand in our own workshop

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Integrated Wall-Mounts For Direct Prints On Forex: Ready To Hang

As a standard, we offer pre-installed wall-mounts for simple and secure picture hanging. The various mounting options are designed to make it easy for you – all you need is 2 nails, screws, or hooks to hang your picture right away.

  • For pictures up to 9.8" (25 cm) in length, we attach plastic hooks
  • For pictures of 9.8"-39" (25-100 cm) in length, we either attach plastic hooks or a series of aluminum rails
  • For pictures over 39" (100 cm) in length, we attach the aluminum rails
Direct photo print on Forex Ready To Hang

Custom Packaging And Secure Shipping For Your Direct Print On Forex

Direct photo print on Forex

Every one of your pictures will always be perfectly secure in our made to measure packaging, meaning your order always gets to you safe and sound.

ICC color profiles for
direct prints on Forex

Our reliable Softproof color management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact color matching.
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Prices for
direct prints on Forex
test winner

Professionals trust us more than any other photo lab. Multiple test wins and recommendations from specialist publications prove them right.
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Forex, acrylic glass and aluminum Dibond: Materials with special features

Direct prints for many occasions: Forex and brushed aluminum

Forex or HD metal print: The perfect choice for beginners and professionals

Freethinkers and spontaneous people love our direct prints on Forex. They are super lightweight and sturdy and can be placed virtually anywhere – and taken down again just as easily. It couldn’t be simpler to hang the pictures or move them to another location. Forex is very robust – but if you are looking for something to last forever, then you are better served with our original photo prints under acrylic glass. Nothing lasts forever? Original photo prints under acrylic glass by WhiteWall most certainly do. We aren’t being brave when we offer a 75-year guarantee for color brilliance – we simply know our products and what they can do. The same applies for our original photo prints on aluminum Dibond – sealed under a whisper-thin protective UV foil, this laminate on aluminum Dibond is extremely durable. We offer a variety of branded photo papers for the exposure of your photos as well: Select either Fuji Crystal DP II, which is available in matt or glossy, Kodak Endura – also available in matt or glossy – or the matt Ilford paper for monochrome prints.

Forex is more suitable for short-term exhibitions or events. But it doesn’t always have to be an original photo print if you are looking for something more durable – many of our direct prints are extremely robust and also have other advantages: The various substrates available allow us to offer you prints with diverse visual effects. A direct print on brushed aluminum, for example, offers a metallic sheen in the brighter areas of the picture. The horizontally brushed aluminum surface shines through in these areas – resulting in a contemporary matt look with a metallic sheen coming through in the brighter areas. This effect is particularly striking in the presentation of free-standing objects or for images containing metallic surfaces.

Quite different once again in terms of visual effect and of higher quality than a direct print on Forex is our WhiteWall HD metal print. It is a visually very intensive premium print. State-of-the-art technology burns your photo into the 1 mm thick custom coating of the aluminum plate, where it is safely sealed. As a first step, your photo is printed onto transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet inks. The ink is then steamed into the coating of the 1 mm thick aluminum plate using pressure and heat, fusing the materials permanently. The process is called dye sublimation and allows the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with excellent durability. HD metal prints are very robust and are also suitable for roofed outdoor areas and bathrooms. Have a look at our “Canvas” product page as well and decide for yourself – is your picture meant for the here and now or do you want it to last forever. We offer products for any requirements in premium quality at affordable prices.