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Your photo as a canvas print, textile print from the test-winning lab

Want your best photos large and on high-end artist’s canvas? On the textured, textile surface, your image develops a natural, three-dimensional look that helps images, especially family portraits and landscapes, really come into their own. The best color saturation, razor-sharp contours, and a lifespan of decades—these are the convincing quality attributes for all of the WhiteWall products in the Canvas category! Both variations can be ordered without a stretcher frame and will be rolled for shipping.

Canvas on stretcher frame
Canvas on stretcher frame
  • 8-color print for brilliant colors
  • Matte or glossy surface
  • Stretcher frames in 3 depths or with a 3-D effect

WhiteWall’s canvas on stretcher frame is a distinguished winner of product comparison tests, first and foremost due to our premium quality printing. The 8-color, pigment print technology is remarkable for producing rich, vibrant colors that remain brilliant for decades.

Our canvas prints come with a matte or glossy finish and can be wrapped on stretcher frames in three depths, from an understated 13/16" to a prominent 2 3/8". Your picture’s colors will remain brilliant for decades; the pigments are encapsulated in resin, making them enduringly smudge-proof. With a photo on canvas, you can expect a work of art that’s full of life – in WhiteWall’s consistent, premium quality.

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Textile print on stretcher frame
Textile print on stretcher frame
  • Thermal sublimation technology for colors that are true to the source
  • Textile print with a shimmering surface
  • Stretcher frames in 3 depths or with a 3D effect

The textile print from WhiteWall is an innovative alternative to classic canvas: through the thermal sublimation process, the colors are vaporized into the fabric. With a maximum resolution of up to 720 dpi, the resulting prints are totally sharp and the colors are rich and true to the source.

The texture of the finely woven fabric supports dynamic photographs with a light shimmer, making your image seem more tangible and full of life. According to the look you’re after, you can choose stretcher frames in 3 depths or with a 3D effect for your textile print. No matter what, you’ll receive a refined product in reliable WhiteWall-quality.

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Thermal sublimation textile print
Thermal sublimation textile print
  • Shimmering, high-resolution textile print
  • Brilliant color through a thermal sublimation process
  • Textile surface provides tactile texture

Our thermal sublimation textile print is an attractive variation of classic photo print. You’ll receive a fabric print in premium quality. The textured, textile surface brings your image to life, giving it a haptic materiality.

The special thermal sublimation process ensures that your image’s colors appear brilliant and absolutely photo-realistic. On top of that, it’s extremely durable: you can fold it without having to fear stress whitening. If you prefer, you can also get your textile print on a stretcher frame (in three depths or with a 3D effect). You can also refine this premium product from WhiteWall with one of our frames or white a white border.

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UV Fine Art canvas print
UV Fine Art canvas print
  • Characteristic canvas texture
  • UV Art Print for rich colors that are true to the source
  • 4 Stretcher frame options available, if desired

The typical surface of our high-end UV Fine Art canvas print ensures that your best images have a noticeable, tactile appearance. The brilliant print using UV Art Print technology guarantees rich and luminous colors, just like the source.

If you like, you can also get your UV Fine Art canvas print on a stretcher frame, which is available in 3 depths or with a 3D effect. With a white border or a high-end, made to measure frame, you can give your top-notch canvas print an individual look.

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ICC Profiles
ICC Profiles

For professional color management we offer ICC Profiles available as downloads.
Click here for the ICC Profiles.

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