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Wall-Mount included:
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Aluminum ArtBox: Picture Frames With Various Depths

Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox

Your photo will look striking and timeless in an aluminum ArtBox. There are two colors and four depths to choose from. WhiteWall delivers your picture complete with an integrated hanging system, which is included in the price.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, silver
  • Depths: 0.39" (10mm), 0.98" (25mm), 1.97" (50mm), 2.95" (75mm)
  • Made to order in our own workshop

Your Photo In An ArtBox: A Small Gap With A Huge Impact

Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox create online

The small gap [2] between the picture and frame is simple and effective [3], creating an optical illusion. It makes the image appear to be floating. Since the picture and frame are visually separated, your photo still makes a standalone impression. Aluminum Frame [1]

  • 4mm gap between picture and frame

The Perfect Substrate For Your Image: The Choice Is Yours

Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox offers

The material your photo is printed on, or mounted on, is another important factor in helping it achieve the effect you want. We provide various choices with different looks. For instance, our real photo prints are made using brand-name photo papers with unique properties. Select the right material for your image! Aluminum ArtBox [4].

  • [2] Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond: Vivid colors and high-resolution – great for intensely colorful pictures
  • [1] Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum: An eye-catching product with a metallic finish
  • Original Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond: A premium product for maximum picture quality
  • Direct Print Behind Acrylic Glass: A high-quality print with depth and brilliant, intense colors
  • [3] Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass: Gallery-quality mounting provides a crystal-clear view of your photo

Exact And Tailor-Made Formats For Your Aluminum ArtBox

Create Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox

At WhiteWall, you are always in the driver’s seat – you make the decisions, because you know what your photo needs. Special formats – like panorama or square – can be made just the way you want them, in the exact size you want. That goes for more standard landscape and portrait formats, too. You set the aspect ratio and size – anything from mini to extra-large!

  • Minimum dimensions: 6"x6" (20 x 20 cm)
  • Maximum dimensions: 78"x47" (200 x 120 cm)

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Integrated Hanging System: Your Aluminum ArtBox Arrives Ready To Hang

A wall-mount is always included in the price at WhiteWall. Your photo arrives ready for your wall, and hanging it couldn’t be easier.

  • The picture hanging system is integrated in the frame and included in the price
  • Easy to hang: All you need are 2 nails, screws, or hooks (depending on the size)
  • Can also be leaned against a wall, on a picture shelf for instance
Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox with mounting

Your Precious Cargo Is Securely Packaged: Your ArtBox Is Protected During Delivery

Photo Print With Aluminum ArtBox - Protected During Delivery

Our protective packaging ensures that your high-quality ArtBox reaches you in perfect condition. The packaging is customized for your order with a made-to-measure cover perfect for safe transportation.

  • Standard shipping
  • Full-service delivery available for pictures with an edge over 49" (125 cm). Delivery on appointment and unpacking service including disposal of the packaging.
Softproof for Authentic Colors

Softproof is colour management for professionals –with an exactness that is a prerequisite for precise and vivid colours. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching.
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Prices for Your Aluminum ArtBox
Award-Winning Quality

Professionals trust us more than any other photo lab. Multiple test wins and recommendations from specialist publications prove them right.
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Design with Depth: The Aluminum ArtBox from WhiteWall

Our ArtBox Alternative: Frameless Depth with Acrylic Glass Mounting

Direct Prints or Mounted Photo Prints on Various Substrates: The Perfect Choice for Your Picture

Design, design and more design – that is the initial thought of so many WhiteWall customers’ minds, when they hold their own picture in an aluminium ArtBox for the very first time. Once the frame is mounted on the wall, ArtBox really comes to the fore: Your picture seems to float weightlessly and really is more of a 3D design object, than just a photograph. Even more so if you choose a depth of 75 mm. Images laminated under acrylic glass additionally have an impressive depth of field. Aluminium Dibond as an image base is a lot simpler, more elegant and much more robust. You can also choose your ArtBox in solid wood for an overall warmer and more discreet look. But if understated is not your thing and you want to add a sculptural flair to your design object, then you should definitely choose a shadow box frame for your picture.

Acrylic glass achieves a moderate depth of field at a thickness of as little as 2 mm. At 4 mm you get gallery standard. Here too, we can do even better: At a glass thickness of 6 mm, your picture will have a very impressive depth of field. Laminating under acrylic glass are unobtrusive and timelessly beautiful. An aluminium or wooden ArtBox will make it seem as if you gave your picture its very own room: A room for your memories.

Of course there are also photographs that demand their own space in a very different way. These are images that need to be unfettered, that should not be hampered by a frame. WhiteWall has developed an unbeatably extensive and most of all: top-quality selection for objects like these – find the image base that is right for you: Canvas, textile, Forex, wood, aluminium or aluminium Dibond, and allow your picture to develop the effect you envisioned. Premium quality direct and original photo prints? With frame or without, understated or opulent – your wishes are what drive us: We are the best and intend to remain in the top spot. Photos by WhiteWall – as real as your memories.