HD Metal
Direct print on brushed aluminum
Original photo print on aluminum backing
Your photo on Aluminum
Direct print on
aluminum backing

Durable & favourably-priced aluminum variant for Starters with high standards. Your image is a matte print (1) directly on the surface of the aluminum Dibond (2). Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors!

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Direct print on
brushed aluminum

A metallic look for your best pictures. With a direct print (1) on a brushed aluminum panel (2), whites are not printed, giving them a metallic shimmer.

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Original photo print
on aluminum backing

The aluminum mounting in premium gallery quality. A UV protective lamination (1) protects the original photo print (2), which is mounted on an aluminum Dibond composite panel (3).

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Your photo on aluminum Dibond: a modern gallery look for purists

Want to present your photos in a timeless, frameless, minimalistic gallery look? We recommend a mounting on aluminum Dibond; consisting of two thin aluminum layers and a black polyethylene core, this high-end material is light, highly stable, and available in three appealing variations.

HD Metal
HD Metal Print
  • Incredibly vibrant colors
  • Extremely light
  • Different surfaces: Glossy, brushed or smooth
  • Starting at just 6.90

Our sublimation print on aluminum gives you wonderfully brilliant colors on a fascinating material. WhiteWall’s special printing process transforms colorful images into unforgettable works of art: scratch and weather proof to remain just as impressive for a long time.

You can display your HD metal prints indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, in the living room or even in the sauna. And with 140 different options, we can help you find the perfect frame.

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Direct print on aluminum backing
Direct print on aluminum backing
  • For a matte, minimalistic and refined presentation
  • UV Art Print technology for brilliant colors and crisp details
  • Weather resistant: can be hung in protected outdoor areas
  • starting at just 6.90

With or without a frame, a direct print on aluminum backing is a refined way to present your art, placing the viewer's focus entirely on your picture. Thanks to WhiteWall's commitment to quality, this highly-stable and robust aluminum product can even be hung in rooms with lots of moisture or in outdoor areas that are shielded from rain.

Using the latest in UV printing technology, we print your image on an aluminum Dibond panel that has been primed with a platinum-white enamel. With a matte finish, the colors shine in detailed high-resolution. The direct print on aluminum backing is the most popular starter product.

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Direct print on brushed aluminum
Direct print on brushed aluminum
  • Horizontally brushed surface
  • Whites take on a metallic BUTLERFINISH® look
  • Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and protected outdoor areas
  • starting at just 8.90

Are you looking for an aluminum product that gives your image an extravagant look? Then we recommend a direct print on brushed aluminum. With this product, the whites and very bright parts of your photos are not actually printed; instead, these areas retain the horizontally brushed appearance of the aluminum surface.

This look, also known as BUTLERFINISH®, gives your favorite images a modern, metallic elegance. Thanks to our UV print technology, your picture on aluminum Dibond is suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor areas.

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Original photo print on aluminum backing - BESTSELLER
Original photo print on aluminum backing
  • Crisp and brilliant original photo print
  • Your choice of premium photo papers
  • Mounting on an aluminum Dibond panel
  • starting at just 8.90

Do you want nothing but the highest-quality premium presentation for your favorite images? If so, we recommend our original photo print on aluminum backing. With our modern Durst Lambda exposure system, we develop your image on high-end photo paper from Fuji, Kodak or Ilford.

After the traditional chemical development process, we mount your photo print on a highly-stable aluminum Dibond panel. Refine your image with a glossy or matte finish to accentuate its effect.

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ICC Profiles
ICC Profiles

For professional color management we offer ICC Profiles available as downloads.
Click here for the ICC Profiles.

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