Testimonials - Professional Photographers about WhiteWall

WhiteWall Testimonials

Ambitious artists do not accept any compromises on quality! Therefore they trust us their photographs to enlarge them, frame ,
them and mount them.

Here is what the professional photographers say about the quality of WhiteWall:

"A qualified photo lab for my photographic works, one that I can rely on completely – that’s what I have found here."

"I can have my works produced here with precision and perfection in museum quality – exactly what I’m looking for. The high durability of the photo prints in such impressive quality was a decisive factor in choosing this outstanding photo lab."

"Customising my works individually is no problem at all, which is particularly important to me personally."

Robert Lebeck

"Throughout our sixteen years of activity we have come to know a number of labs. WhiteWall Media is, in our opinion, the
absolute best. Our customers and collectors, both at home and abroad, are extremely happy with the quality of the prints and the presentation. Chapeau."

"With this photo lab we get everything from one source – which guarantees quality control throughout the whole production. You can see this, because the works are produced flawlessly and with precision."

"Out pictures are defined by the strength of the colours – sealing the images behind acrylic glass further strengthens the
brightness and depth."

Horst & Daniel Zielske

"WhiteWall offers a top-quality standard and is unbeatable on price. There’s nothing better."

Rafael Neff

"WhiteWall offers perfect quality at unbelievably low prices. Together with the certified delivery they provide, it’s an unbeatable combination."

Sabine Wild

"A reliable, competent partner for my difficult images."

Julia Christe

"I can't overstate my pleasure at commenting on LUMAS‘ LAB WhiteWall in Frechen. I had the privilege of visiting the lab in 2009.
I was favorably impressed with remarkable state-of-the-art equipment, the skill of the expert staff using it, and in general, the cleanliness, order and efficiency of the entire operation."

Larry Yust

"It has been a pleasure working with LUMAS’s LAB WhiteWall. Their expertise and attention to detail has made my collaboration with LUMAS a most gratifying experience."

Alan Ross

"From the display to the wall: The Lumas lab produces my images in a way that gets the very best out of them."

Mareen Fischinger

"White walls look better with prints from WhiteWall! Fabrication of WhiteWall photo prints is superb, from the excellent reproduction of the image itself to the archival museum-quality presentation. The WhiteWall prints are absolutely true to my original color and black & white photographs.
I am honored to have my photographs produced by WhiteWall labs."

Baron Wolman

"Whilst the quality of photo art can be argued at length – the quality of a production per se should now beyond doubt, however."

"It is particularly comforting that the works produced by WhiteWall give artists the feeling they have created something for eternity..."

Christian Ruhm

"I rely on the precise work of a qualified photo lab. Top quality and the best production at a price that represents great value are the most important things for my pictures."

Peter Mathis

"The strength of the colours in my images is particularly important to me: The creation of a Fine Art Print from an original by WhiteWall is remarkable."

Judith Lindner

"The prints are absolutely true to my original colors. The acrylic sealing is accurate and impeccably treated as in museums. Excellent!"

Olivier Föllmi