Karsten Staiger

Like countless others before him, German-born photographer Karsten Staiger
is in love with New York City. As an artist and commercial photographer in
New York for over a decade, Staiger has built his career shooting
advertising campaigns for luxury brands and corporations (Hugo Boss,
DeBeers, Nextel, Time Warner Cable to name a few) in his Chelsea studio.
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Favorite Products
Favorite Product: Textile Print on Stretcher Frame

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Selected Works from Karsten Staiger's Portfolio

Biography: Karsten Staiger

Staiger was at the forefront of the digital revolution that emerged in the 1990s.
Since then he has been a pioneer in utilizing cutting-edge camera
technology to create elegant images in extremely high resolution.
Staiger’s deep understanding of complex lighting and technology coupled with
his fascination with aerial views eventually led him to the New York
City skyline. From New York’s highest rooftops, balconies, penthouses and
private planes, Staiger chases the fleeting instants that result in the most
exciting shots – a perfect balance between the cityscape below and the sky above.


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