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Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass
Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass DISCOVER NOW

Original Photo Print Under
Acrylic Glass

from $ 13.90

ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass DISCOVER NOW

ultraHD Photo Print Under
Acrylic Glass

from $ 17.95

Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond
Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond DISCOVER NOW

Direct Print on
Aluminum Dibond

from $ 6.90

Original Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond
Original Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond DISCOVER NOW

Original Photo Print
Aluminum Dibond

from $ 8.90

Canvas on stretcher frame
Canvas on stretcher frame DISCOVER NOW

Canvas on stretcher

from $ 11.95

The Wood ArtBox: A Beautiful Frame for Purists
Solid wood ArtBox DISCOVER NOW

Solid wood

from $ 39.90

Solid wood frame with passe-partout
Solid wood frame with passe-partout DISCOVER NOW

Solid wood frame with

from $ 89.90

HD Metal Print WhiteWall
HD Metal Print WhiteWall DISCOVER NOW

HD Metal Print

from $ 12.90

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ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond

NEW: ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond

Twice the Resolution for Your Photo Discover Now
Oslo Frame

NEW: The Oslo Frame

A Thin Wood Frame in 5 Colors Discover Now
WhiteWall Mini
WhiteWall Acrylic Mini Discover Now
WhiteWall Sample Packs
Sample Packs: Acrylic Glass, Aluminum, Prints Discover Now
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Best Photo Lab
"Best Photo Lab

Acrylic Photo Prints, Aluminum & Metal Prints, Canvas Prints & More - WhiteWall

The WhiteWall photo lab was established in 2007 as one of the first online laboratories. Our photo service has focused on gallery quality from the very beginning. Prints, photo print, framings and mountings are our speciality. We are the exclusive supplier of LUMAS -the largest gallery for editions of contemporary photo art in Germany and Europa. We offer a range of different techniques for prints – including large formats. The most modern process is a UV-Print (sometimes also known as a fine art print, poster on demand or poster print). This involves printing the inks on the paper using a 7-color process and then hardening them with UV light. This ensures a significantly better quality than many posters that can be ordered through most of the online providers. A Lambda print is a original photo print, which is developed using photo chemicals.

High Quality Photo Prints

The Lightjet 500 XL is produced by Océ. For photo prints that are exposed using the Lightjet, we use a photo paper from Kodak, more precisely the Kodak Pro Ultra Endura photo paper for digital exposure. Those who prefer inkjet can order on WhiteWall large format premium pigment prints (inkjet prints) using Epson K3 inks. High quality papers are used: mould paper or Fine Art Pearl from Hahnemühle – a renowned specialist for photo paper. Today we no longer offer older photo exposure processes, such as Baryt prints or Ilfochrome prints. Whether through iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, or Leica - upload your best photography onto WhiteWall now and find out what your file can really produce. Our photo lab can produce impressive large formats from small megapixels. If photography is placed on backing material, e.g. on materials such as aluminum and plastic (Alu-Dibond), this is known as a mounting or sealing of the photo (also known as Lumabond on WhiteWall). We offer 5 different, modern processes for mountings and sealings, all from the same source. We also offer economical prints directly onto aluminum with our modern UV printer. The photo is printed directly onto the aluminum using a 7-color process. The inks are dried using a UV light. Classic photo prints can also be sealed using an aluminum sealant (Alu-Dibond).

Mountings behind acrylic or acrylic glass (also known as Lumasec on WhiteWall) are particularly modern and popular. Acrylic glass has many advantages for mountings: It is break-proof, glossy, light and friendly, and with most photography creates an almost magic picture depth and elegance. Whether as a hobby, amateur, agency, architect, interior designer, photo studio, or professional photographer, if you would like your pictures to appear in the best light, you can’t go wrong with our modern, gallery-quality mountings. If you’ve previously hung a cheap poster or fine art print on the wall, you can now achieve perfection that, while on a budget, can match anything in a museum.

We offer different mountings under acrylic glass: firstly, the direct print described above with UV-hardened inks, but in this instance printed directly onto the underside of the acrylic glass. The second variation involves a classic photo print, which is sealed under the acrylic glass using silicon. Both mountings have a sturdy backing: for the direct print this is a Forex board, for the classic mounting with a photo print this is an Alu-Dibond composite board from aluminum and plastic. Why do we use silicon and not adhesive film? Using silicon for mountings has the distinct advantage that it remains elastic and therefore prevents bubble and creases. We also have an attractive offer for canvas fans: Our prints on canvas (fine art print) can stand any price comparison and offer professional perfection. The prints are fitted onto a solid wood frame which is finished to the exact mm in the format of your choice through our frame construction. Re-tightening with wedges is not necessary, thanks to our classic stretcher frame. We benefit from many years experience in frame building. Our bestseller is the passe-partout frame with passe -partouts in different colors by Hahnemühle. The modern shadow gap frame combines the impression of a high quality mounting on a Forex backing or under acrylic glass with a classic wooden frame profile. Whether a mounting on a backing or under glossy acrylic - a shadow gap having the appearance of an object supports the floating character, as can be found in the leading galleries and museums for contemporary art. All frames are produced by us using solid wood from Germany and Europe - e.g. from maple, oak, alder, cherry, or walnut. Tropical woods are not used for any framings. There are a range of different frame profiles available, which you can select and order online with just a click. For anything from high quality photography to digitalart we also recommend our solid wood and aluminum ArtBoxes. These also combine the impression of a modern mounting under high quality acrylic glass with a framing, which admirably supports the character of the object. Unlike traditional framing services, you can order both the print and the framing from us online - from the same source. You receive your perfectly framed photograph quicker and at a lower cost - and everything fits together perfectly. By purchasing large quantities of frames, passe-partouts, museum glass, and other components of a successful frame, we're able to ensure low prices without compromising on quality - that's why all of our framings - from shadow frames to passe-partout frames, are always available easily and at low prices.

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